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This WordPress website is a gallery of original video, photos, and computer generated graphics. Comments are welcome but screened before posting. Also, see the Contact page for email information. For more details of my design and tech services, see Danesworld.com

Also, this site demonstrates the power of WordPress website management. If your business or organization needs an updated or new website, please contact me.

Why WordPress?

Maybe you have a website, but it can only be updated by a specialist, which gets expensive. In 2014, this is simply unacceptable. Updating a WordPress site is as easy as using email and basic word processing (e.g. Microsoft Word). Since WordPress is “open source” software and is very widely used, you won’t have to pay for the basic software and updates are free! To help you make the change to WordPress, I offer these services at very reasonable rates:

  • Planning the site structure
  • Setup of WordPress, including hostingĀ  (typical site hosting is $80/yr.)
  • Training (for your personnel so they can manage the site)

Here are working WordPress sites that I have designed and implemented: